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Total Conquest Guide, Tips, Time Cheats and Strategy for Android/iOS Game

Total Conquest Basic Facts

You will gain a star "war commendation" for destroying the enemy city hall. Another star for destroying more than half the enemy base, and a maximum of 3 stars for its complete destruction.
Every buildings you destroy will earn you coins or apples depending on what building you destroyed.
You will also gain Experience after the attack phase.
Every level up, you will Crowns, Coins and Apples.
You need an economy able to support your war efforts Soldiers need food and building often requires Gold.
Increase your food,gold storage by building a Food Storage Building, Gold Storage Building
All new building projects are taking toll on your treasury. If only you had more taxpayers. you know, more villas, more taxes, more Gold to sustain your province
You need Architects to be able to build or upgrade your buildings.
All development is tied to the City Hall and the more you improve it, the more you can develop everything else.
Build Economy buildings as soon as possible and don't forget buildings that increase storage.
Go and get achievements as when you finish an achievement, you will be rewarded a 5-10 crowns.
You can use items such as fire bottles as a weapon when engaging an enemy's land.

Total Conquest Basic Guide to Victory!

To create a very powerful kingdom, you need to have very strong offense (Barracks etc..) and very good defense (Wall, Traps, Towers Etc..). To have a good offense and defense you need to have a good economy such as (Farm, Villa Etc..).

To summarize on how to improve your kingdom:

Upgrade your City Hall to increase your storage and most importantly to unlock other things. After you upgrade your city hall, you should upgrade your storage AND resources(optional). You need storage to increase the cap limit for preparation for the City Hall next upgrade. Resources are for extra income for coins and foods for your upgrade/build cost or military cost but you can skip because you can EARN resources by successfully attacking enemies. Next upgrade is for your offense and defense, you can upgrade your towers, etc for future defense and military offense to attack enemies in campaign or by pvp. When you have a plenty of resources and have a cap limit greater than city hall next upgrade, just upgrade your city hall to unlock more things to improve your kingdom.

Time Cheat

NOTE: Try this "Time" cheat since my friend told me that this cheat will work in Total Conquest.

Just follow this simple steps
  1. Close your app by either restarting your phone or by killing it on your taskmanager
  2. Set your time in advance for atleast 1 day above.
  3. Open Total Conquest and you will see that the cooldown is gone and you can build/upgrade play again
  4. If you decided to build/upgrade more just follow the step 2.
If you want to go back at your current date just follow this steps

  1. Follow the steps 1 to 4, I mention above
  2. Open the Total Conquest but do not play.
  3. Go to settings and change your time/date to your current time/date.
  4. Open Total Conquest just to make sure that there is no problem.
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