Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dragon Soul Best Star Guide Tips and Strategy for Android/iOS Game

Dragon Soul Best Star Guide

There are two types of modes the Stage and Challenge mode. In stage mode there are 4 areas to be cleared these are Waters Wonderland, Mysterious Hollow, Phantasm Stars and Endless Vine. Every areas there are 9 levels and each levels there are required conditions to pass the level. In every level of the four areas, the conditions are all the same but it is modified to be more hard than the previous areas of that level.

Level 1: No death occurs within certain meters.
Level 2: Kill a number of monsters.
Level 3: Collect a number of coins.
Level 4: Collect a number of green crystals.
Level 5: Fly a certain meters with 3 HPs.
Level 6: Kill a number of monsters.
Level 7: Collect a number of coins.
Level 8: Collect a number of certain items.
Level 9: Collect a number of certain items.


There are total of 9 items/upgrades. I will sort it based on their types


Shoulder Dash
Cost: 800
Run Fast for some distance under invincible state.

Ultimate Power
Cost 400
Launch dense powers and kill all the enemies in front of you immediately.

Angel Halo
Cost 350
Slide up to use it to defend a hit.
It will disappear automatically after a while.

Holy Luck
Cost 1000
Open chests to get random valuable power-ups.

Permanent Upgrades

Bullet Upgrade
Cost 1500
Up the level of bullet and strengthen the power of bullet

Lucky Star
Cost 3000
Improve the dropping rate of quest power ups in stage mode permanently.

HP Bonus
Cost 5000
Increase HP to 5 permanently

Plutus Coming
Cost 4000
Double the coins you get in any mode permanently

Double Bullet
Cost 3500
Double bullets and double atk, Increase fighting permanently


In Dragon Soul Best Star the permanent upgrades are still the best option.
Every level increases the difficulty and you can get the BONUS coins ONCE if you pass your current level.
After you pass that specific level, you cannot gain the bonus coins, only the coins you gain in that level,
If you cant pass the current level, you will having a hard time to save coins.
Using consumables will only help you on current level but it will not help you in the future levels and the game increasing it's difficulty per level.

The only upgrade you should focus is the bullet upgrade. Bullet upgrade helps you in all difficulties you encounter in this game. It will help you to kill the enemies faster thus helping you to have more SPACE to avoid the falling FIRES. Since it increases your attacks, you can kill more enemies per wave so you can collect more items/upgrades and will lessen your game time. Bullet upgrade costs 1500 coins only the most cheap items in permanent upgrades. The only upgrades are worthy to purchase are Plutos Coming and Double Bullet.

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