Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to get free Potato Chips Orange Juice in Criminal Case Cheat

Today I will share to you on how to get free orange juice in criminal case facebook game.
In this Guide Cheat, you can only gain up to 3 free orange and 1 free Potato Chips juice per day.
It is better than nothing and you don't need any sofware to get it.
Anybody can do it you just only need time and patience.

Here is the easy steps on how to get free orange juice and potato chips in Criminal Case.

  1. Go to the fan page of Criminal Case http://www.facebook.com/CriminalCaseGame?ref=br_tf 
  2. Criminal Case will always post freebies in there page such as free orange juice/energy/card etc you can also get them for free by just clicking their URLS, But this is not the FREE ORANGE JUICE AND POTATO CHIPS PER DAY I'm talking about. 
  3. In their freebies post, go to their comment page and you will see other facebook user's posts such as starts with "http://apps.facebook.com/criminalcase/reward.php"
  4. Some facebook users will write what reward you can get by clicking their urls
  5. Click their url but make sure check their url first if it will start with this "http://apps.facebook.com/criminalcase/reward.php". 
  6. Every Rewards has a shared limit so there is a chance that after you click their url, the rewards are already shared
  7. If you get a coins reward instead of free orange juice potato chips or the rewards are already expired. Just refresh the page of Criminal Case and just repeat the process.
  8. You can only get THREE free Orange Juice and ONE Potato Chips per day. 
If you think that this guide help you to get free Orange juice and Potato Chips. Just like or share this post to your friends that are playing criminal case game.