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Moto Grand Theft Coins and Upgrade Guides and Tips/Strategy for Android/iOS Game

Moto Grand Theft Guide


There are three environments to choose from and only one is available for free, the rest environment costs coins. These environment does not help in any way such as you can gain more coins than other environment. These Environment is just plain aesthetic part of the game. Do not invest any coins in this environment unless you already get other upgrades for Moto Grand Theft.


There are total of five bikes in the Moto Grand Theft game. The first one is free as usual but I noticed the other bikes are more better than the first bike. The second, third, fourth and fifth bikes are somehow equal but it depends on your strengths and your preference about The Speed, Steering and Health.


The speed is not needed for the bike upgrades because you can use the nitro to speed up your bike. The disadvantage of speed is very hard to control your bike leading into accidents and possible 1 mistake game over. A slow bike tends to survive from car crashes, so a slow bike is still better than a fast bike. 


IMHO I cannot feel the high steering bike vs low steering bike in the game and that maybe the cause of the normal speed of the bikes in the game. Anyway if you feel that there is difference between high steering bike vs low steering, feel free to get high Steering bikes.


This probably the best upgrade in bikes as it actually helps you to stay alive in accidents. The second bike has the largest Health in all bikes. All bikes in game does have 100% Health but if you have a large health bike upgrade, the crash and accidents tends to reduce or lower the damage impact for the Bike.

Tips and Strategies

Always position your self in the center of the road because you can easily travel to the safest lane. Unlike if you are positioned in e.g. left lane and there is car in your lane and another car in the center lane, so you must travel to two lanes to be able to be safe from accidents.

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