Monday, September 2, 2013

Caveman Run Game Detailed Guide, Tips, Strategy for Android App

Caveman Run


Caveman run game has a two simple button controls, the jump button and charge button.
It is compatible for touch emulation in SixAxis app.

In-Game Strategy, Tips.

This is an endless running game, the only way to earn coins is to collect coins.
To earn more coins you need to run a long distance and survive.
Caveman runs fast as you progress which means you can collect coins faster.
Collect Power-Ups to help you survive or to collect more coins.
Avoid collecting the cloud power up, because it will distract the caveman by being fogged.
Your caveman starts at 1 life so you need to collect hearts to add your life up to 3.
Dinosaur ride power up acts as you another life but with a fast movement speed.
A caveman gains charge bar when he is running or killing frogs and it will decrease 1 charge if caveman uses charge.
Charging helps you to avoid falling in cliffs.
You can charge frogs with or without dinosaur, it gives your 1 sec boost and another a bar charge
You can only gain up to four charges.

This following scenario cost 1 life or a dinosaur ride.
- Getting by spikes
- getting hit by a frog
- Being hit by cliffed

This following scenario ends a game whether you have 3 lifes or a dinosaur ride.
- Fall below the cliff

Being with a dinosaur does not guarantee that it is safer compared with no dinosaur, because you run faster and more vulnerable to fall in cliffs.

Power Ups

Power Up in caveman store are useless, they are costly than they help you earn more coins.
The Double coins Power Up in store does not double your coins in your single game.
The x2 at the result does not actually add to your coin pool.
It only double your coin at your first run for few seconds only.
The Double coins you get in-game is far more better.
This all applies on all power ups in store except for a High Jump.
High jump is the only power ups in the store that does not appear in in-game.
High jump cost 4000 coins so it is very costly and still useless to invest from it. 

Caveman Task

This caveman tasks help you to earn more coins and more useful than power ups.
There are Six Caveman Task and caveman task only appears after the caveman was defeated.
these are the tasks that you need to meet it's requirements, such as Total amount purchase item, Total running distance etc.

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