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Legend Online: Dragons Detailed Guide, Tips, Strategy

Legend Online: Dragons

Jobs / Classes

There are three classes / jobs to choose.
Mage is powerful compared to other classes. Usually in rpg, mages do have a powerful skills and damage compared to other melee classes / jobs.
In Legend Online mages have atk and heal, good combination while the Ranged (Archer) Class  have atk and control and the Warrior have Atk and def.


For every 2 levels you will gain 1 skill point.
Skills have a required level not like the standard leveling of skills but it has a skill tree for all classes / jobs.


The portal is the gate of dungeons, dungeons have enemies you can fight and gain some experience and money. Dungeons have zones and it has level required too. In zones there are sequence of enemies you need to fight with it. After you fought the enemies, you will gain a 1 reward.

Leveling up

In every level up you will get unlocks such as skills, quest, enemies etc.
For every level up, you will get a automated stats allocation, so you dont have to worry about that


In every quest you completed, you can claim rewards such as exp, money or items.


Allies are unlocked if you met certain required levels.
You can recruit allies in barracks such as pikeman, elf range, vampire etc.


A lot of buildings to help you improve your character such as City Hall.
It is recommended to upgrade your City buildings as soon as possible.
Every upgrade has a level required.


You can obtain items from enemies, you can all enhance your items through smithy in City.
To enhance your items, go to smithy and he will required gold and might be required lucky gems.


In smithy building you can enhance, inlay, craft, refine and alter.

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