Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dazzle Item Build, Tips, Hero Guide, Skills for DotA

Dazzle Item Build

Introduction and Hero Guide for Dazzle

Dazzle is a ranged hero who has a healing, poison, armor reduction skills. He can be a support, ganker, damage amplifier in teamfights. His Shadow Wave heal skill is a double edge effect, it heals dazzle, nearby allies and deals damage to nearby enemies, very suitable for ganking and support. His poison touch is a mix of dot damage and a disable skill good for chasing a fleeing hero. His ultimate is a large aoe debuff for enemy, it reduces enemies armor every second.

In starting phase you need a chicken or ward to give your carry a chicken or a good map wareness.
Bottle is a must, dazzle needs an instant mana to heal/damage people. 
Bottle is also for runes checking, any runes are good for dazzle. 
For boots you need phaseboots, dazzle need movement speed to chase or escape.
Soul ring for another instant mana and Urn for bonus hp and mana regeneration.
Get mekansm for more heal support.
If your team is more stronger than enemy's team get guinsoo.
If your team is struggle at enemy's offense get Pipe.
The rest of your items can be optional and decided by yours

Dazzle Skills Order

Poison Touch
Levels 3/4/5/7

Shallow Grave
Levels 1/12/13/14

Shadow Wave
Levels 2/6/8/9

Levels 10/11/16

Levels 15/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25

if you have any question on this Dazzle Build, you can comment below ^_^ Happy MGU