Monday, August 26, 2013

Max Hero Guide and Skill/Abilities Strategy for Arena of Heroes

Max the cuddly bunny machine gun killer, a hero from Arenas of Heroes.

Here is the stats of Max

Health 190
Focus 150
+50 focus per Turn
5% Crit Chance
50% Crit Damage
10% Defense

Gained Per level:
25 Health
20 Focus
3% Defense
5% Speed

As you can see the stats of max, his focus and focus gain per turn are low for a range all around hero. His gained per level compensates his low focus and focus gain. His health are okay but his gained health is very good considering he is a range hero.

Max Movement Range

Max has a high movement range, he needs it because of his abilities and positioning. Abilities such as deadly rain and burst shot.

 First Ability "Shoot" and it's range

Shoot has a good range and a descent damage but enough to take down minions.

Shoot Animation

Rapid shot description and it's range

At level 1 Rapid shot range and damage are not very good but when you level it up. Rapid shot increases it's range and damage, dealing a good range of aoe damage. Use rapid shot when you see two or more enemy heroes that are closely together.

Rapid Shot Skill Levels.
Level 1: Focus 100, DMG 20x3, Range 5
Level 2: Focus 120, DMG 25x3, Range 5
Level 3: Focus 140, DMG 35x3, Range 6
Level 4: Focus 160, DMG 50x3, Range 6.5

Max third ability is Deadly Rain, a good aoe skill but needs good positioning. At level 1 It deals 50 damage to all enemies within the range. Deadly rain scales high at level 4, it deals 150 damage for only 170 focus needed.

Deadly Rain range

Deadly Rain Skill Levels.
Level 1: Focus 155, DMG 50
Level 2: Focus 160, DMG 75
Level 3: Focus 170, DMG 100
Level 4: Focus 175, DMG 150

Max ultimate skill/ability is Burst Shot. It deals massive damage to a single target and it knock-backs the enemy. A great positioning could lead to a team combo or to push enemies away. Burst Shot scales highly when upgrading the skill

Burst Shot Skill Levels.
Level 1: Focus 180, DMG 100, Knock back: 8
Level 2: Focus 190, DMG 150, Knock back: 8
Level 3: Focus 200, DMG 200, Knock back: 8
Level 4: Focus 210, DMG 250, Knock back: 12

Max is all around hero, he is a range, powerful melee burst shot, good movement range and deals aoe damage. Max is a great addition to any teams and really shines with tempest or junkyard.

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