Monday, August 26, 2013

Carmen Hero Guide and Skill Strategy for Arena of Heroes

Carmen the female assassin, a hero from Arena of Heroes.

Here is the basic stats of Carmen

Health 180
Focus 200
+80 focus per Turn
5% Crit Chance
50% Crit Damage
10% Defense

Gained Per level:
25 Health
15 Focus
1% Defense
2% Speed 

Carmen has above average stats and below average gained per level. Large focus pool to compliment her skill/abilities. Only 25 health per gain is the decent the rest are awful.

Soldier Instinct Range

Soldier Instinct has a good range and since it has three attacks it will guaranteed kill any minions.

Stim Description
The second skill is Stim, it is a self buff to grant carmen another action. This skill help carmen to increase his actions for 5, It gives carmen more action during team fights. Soldier Instinct and Stim combo for more damage output.

Stim Skill Levels.
Level 1: Focus 180
Level 2: Focus 170
Level 3: Focus 160
Level 4: Focus 140

 Stealth Description

Stealth skill is another self buff, it hides carmen and preventing her from being targeted and last for 1 turn. If carmen attacks or is struck the stealth breaks. Stealth can be used to stealth tower and going for the power core.

Stealth Skill Levels.
Level 1: Focus 180
Level 2: Focus 170
Level 3: Focus 150
Level 4: Focus 130

Point Blank range

Point Blank is the skill that made carmen dangerous. It has a melee range but deals damage and can takedown towers and heroes. It is a risky move because it needs a lot of focus and you need to move closely to your target.

Point Black Skill Levels.
Level 1: Focus 200, DMG 150
Level 2: Focus 210, DMG 190
Level 3: Focus 220, DMG 240
Level 4: Focus 240, DMG 290

Carmen is an assassin that can kill enemies though her Point blank. She can also push any lane through her Soldier Instinct and Stim and avoid possible incoming attacks using stealth. The range of point blank and gained per level are the only problem of carmen.