Monday, August 26, 2013

Orion Hero Guide and Skill Analysis for Arena or Heroes

Orion, the the Hitai Sniper, a long range specialist hero from Arena of Heroes.
You will love this hero since it has a very long range attack like the long shot, but it has flaws like any other hero.

Here is the stats of Orion

Health: 200
Focus: 220
+100 Focus per turn
5% Critical Chance
50% Critical Damage
0% Defense

Gained Per level:
+10 Health
+20 Focus
+1% Defense
+6% Speed

Let's talk about his movement range, Orion has a very small moving range compared to other melee and range heroes.

Since Orion does have a limited moving range, he needs to cost actions either the enemy is to far away/escaping or you want to escape.

Longshot is the first ability/skill of orion. It has no cost with a single shot 60 damage.
The 60 damage is a good damage for a very long range.
It can be used to attack towers safely after your turn ended.

This is the range of the longshot skill.

The second skill of Orion is a defensive skill which is the Overwatch.

Cost 150 Focus

Level 1Overwatch Range

Overwatch is an end turn skill, you must use it in your last turn/focus. This enables a force-field barricade and if any enemy heroes are on the sight of forcefield barricade, it deals damage depending on the level of Overwatch.

Overwatch Skill Levels.
Level 1: Focus 160, DMG 60, Range 8
Level 2: Focus 180, DMG 80, Range 8
Level 3: Focus 190, DMG 100, Range 9
Level 4: Focus 210, DMG 120, Range 9

The third skill of Orion is another defensive skill which is the Proximity Mine

Cost 115 Focus

Proximity Mine Range

Proximity Mine are used defensively when enemy heroes are approaching especially the melee ones.
The proximity mine is stealth and will last only when detonated. It will detonate only if an enemy hero is approaching it's range.

Proximity Mine Skill Levels.
Level 1: Focus 115, DMG 150, Range 5
Level 2: Focus 130, DMG 170, Range 5
Level 3: Focus 145, DMG 190, Range 6
Level 4: Focus 160, DMG 230, Range 6

Orbital Skill is the ultimate skill of Orion, It deals a massive damage suitable to kill heroes and it might kill multiple enemies at once.

Massive Orbital Strike Range

It is an aoe damage but it has a very short range

Orbital Strike Skill Levels.
Level 1: Focus 225, DMG 120, Range 9
Level 2: Focus 230, DMG 140, Range 9
Level 3: Focus 240, DMG 145, Range 10
Level 4: Focus 250, DMG 175, Range 10

Now you see his skills, Orion is a long range sniper who takes advantage of his two very long range skills and relies on his two defensive skills.

My next article is all about heroes of "Arena of Heroes" so stay tuned ^_^