Friday, August 3, 2018

Color Snake KETCHAPP Guide Cheats - Full Walkthrough Level Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Color snake is here!

Enjoy the sensational classic adventures!

Guide the snake to break your obstacles.

Avoid other colors!

Collect coins to customize your game!

let's enjoy!

COLOR SNAKE- What snakes would like to hook? # Ketchup # estoti This is yet another potential HIT game for the catchpad, but it disappointed me with some colorful switch with a 100mm charge on our belt with a Behemoth game. Since then, many "similar" versions are made with different threads, so this game is not really different, because it may have been intended, immediately reminded me of värikytkimelle. It tried and tested graphics breaks the package, but there is style and grace. It's an excellent balance of difficulties and skill, platform friction is right and the mobility of snakes does not give it a great game hook. The amount of ads is low and you will be able to open the bonus to see the ads. However, it takes time. Everything I give it 3 stars Check out my review on my YT channel.

Wow, great game, good work Astoti! Just good .. No new game! I do not recommend it! Controls are awesome, it can not detect whether it is my game or game blah blah is bad, I love it.

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