Thursday, June 14, 2018

Stars of Ravahla Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

It was then that when the earth was nothing but chaos, the gods made a sacred land, and it left it. The stars of Ravahlian Paradise - worshiped themselves. For many years, they use the power of magic, make their culture as members, and become the kingdom of glory.

Although Ravana was bathed in the lake of Starlight, something in the shadow, seen on Earth. Inferta, God gave up, demanded protection against it. Inferta made people proud and embarrassed without Ravalian, and made them to cover their gods. Anger and anger, the gods condemned their creation with a net - separated the country and broke into pieces.

The bridge destroyed Infertass seal, and left thousands of years of exile. Before the gods were able to solve their power, Infertus took the world with its Minion Minion, controlling people in Ravana with fear and fear. For the people of the age, Ravalion is not hungry in the light of Starlight, and they will not use the power of magic and technology, unless the scientist, Morken does not get old items - Stardust Compass Learn Stardust Compass With Your Powerful, Safe Lock Before this, it became the cause of a new concept for Radhala.

But for six hundred years, no one will free the compass's power. As long as a young man, Babitt does not have the attitude of his hands. Along with Stardust Shards, he was called a former hero - Spica. And so the legend begins

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