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Titan Throne Guide Cheats - CDKey Gift Coupon Codes & Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How do I know about cell?
There is also a technique for the Titan throne to see the palace of you and your friends many times, and if you are attacked, then be ready to support each other in real time!
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- In your village: If you come back then your hero marches can protect your home. Remember that white soldiers can not be involved in protecting them. So if you want your security, then soon Try to unlock the March, like recruiting many soldiers.
- Buildings: When soldiers can not participate in the rescue of defense, even then they can oppose the enemy if your city is being sent. Use "address" in your depot to hide the army, make sure you repeat your soldiers temporarily!
- Rule: This time is the time to "stop warriors" or "stop" in the game, which is often short for "back" during conversation. When you try to destroy the friendship with the palace, you will see the "strong" of the law just tap it and choose Hero March which you want to send your friend to the defendant.
- Note on time: Before leaving your artist, note that the time has passed in the sandy hours of the measurement unit. How long does it take to your friends
- Crime victims: Destroyer soldiers who fought for suicide fight. You can be very helpful with friends all the time, and if your friendship is attacked then they will be ready to protect you. It is also a great way to hide your army, many soldiers patroled in your palace are managed by your embassy
- Action plans: At the beginning of a fight, you will not have to be banned from the US! Ask only your friends for the time of their support until they return to the enemy. They will be involved in real-time battles and rescue. Caution - if they come to the enemy, and the Vietnam War with destructive soldiers, their way will come back
- Defense: Your enemy can do this on your own resorts if they scout your palace before, if you can stay in the chest, then play when your opponent is running for you, timed reinforcements Ask your friend for speed with.
- In the conference: At the beginning of the war, take two fingers to your palace, then tap on "Go" to fight the truth.
- In your spelling: Sorry, spell casting is only AI in PVP battle! This is to reassure the good advice of spell for those people who are struggling when they are out.
- Loot: If you win, then your enemy can be lost without the protection of your depot material. Keeping the following items in your property can not make you the target of temptation.
- Due to damage and injury: Your army will be hurt, do not kill, while you will be safe though, please review carefully! If your hospital is full, your army will die, even if you are safe, make regular improvements in your hospital, when they get sick, treat patients, and your county (work and insurance) under your hospital Including) try to save your military fatigue.
- Play again and learn: After the war, go to Mail> fight, fight fight, then use the challenge> watch war videos and run again to explore Why do you win or lose?

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