Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hello Hero: Epic Battle Guide Cheats - CDKey Gift Coupon Codes & Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Go Financing,
It has only been a few days, but as soon as we had planned it compared to the server, the water was filled with the agent when we fought epic!
To plan for future careers and to do so, we can open many servers quickly!
All the patrons of nearby and distant were not left as part of the epic battle!
We thank you for making a great game and hope you continue the epic journey with us!
Stay calm and safe gaming!

The game is now!
- We've added all the major items and boards to Leo Server!

Then we will spend more than 30 minutes!

The Guardian,
We will make a short term for about 1 hour on January 18, @ 16:40 pHt.
At one time,
- New release will be released
** Some Leo users can offer newcomers to new people, however, the fund is not yet available on the provider
Please make sure to close your game before taking care of time to ensure that no information is available.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Happy Gaming!

As you have already heard, the entire property of our Leo employees is night and we are ready to open a new server!
We thank our responsibilities for the hero of happiness: epic battle for mass destruction.
As a result of such services, Leo Lease Director (before the timeline) will receive the following gifts:
- 1 Golden Card
- 100 power
- 2 100% ACP boost (every 60 minutes)
*** EXP Boost will start only after the mailbox is collected, so please do not write down when ready for the full time!
Once again, we thank you for making this epic game! We will do our best to guide you the best!

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