Wednesday, December 13, 2017

REBIRTH by CARET GAMES Guide Cheats - Redeem Coupon Codes & Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

MMORPG essentials FULL REBIRTH : 구원의 그림자 3D open field!
It's not that common open field!
More than 100 people can play together!

■ Transformation

You can transform any object in the game!
If you turn into monsters or NPC, you can use your skills as well!
Of course you can come back to the original character again.

■ The king of communication!

Like a friend?
Super-class operation that perfectly coheres with user as user!
Feel it in the official cafe now!
You can see it in the game soon!

■ Large raid!

Implemented a massive raid dungeon that you felt on your PC!
The raid configuration is automatic matching so you do not have to wait!

[Guide to Smartphone App Access Rights]
When you use the app, you are requesting access to provide the following services.

[Optional Access Rights]
- Camera: Required when using Naver plug
- Photo: Naver plug required
- Audio: Required for Naver Plug

Please be aware!
- The game item coupon will be paid to ONE store coupon when it is released. (ONE store connection> left menu> My coupon)
- Discount coupons will be issued on the launch date and valid for 3 days.
- Discount coupons are only available in the ONE store.
- Advance booking reservations are available once per ONE store account. (Even if you apply to multiple term

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