Monday, December 11, 2017

Football Empire Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

So, in the football empire, you not only play the role of manager, you are also responsible for the entire club grounds:

Turn an undiscovered urban space into your football empire
Train your players with training players
Improve your team and lead the World Cup!
Play against friends and players around the world
Upgrade your club level and unlock to increase the number of items and buildings

Have fun with the football empire!

Build your football empire!

Create a football club from scratch, start as a small non-league team, and see if you can do it up to seven divisions.

Negotiating fare and fire managers, development of their stadium, transfer, contract and sponsorship deals ... while keeping fans and bank manager happy.

Since the launch of more than one million users, the football president has downloaded the game, and he has won several app store awards including Apple.

This free version is a complete, fully playable game where some non-essential "Pro" features have been disabled. Your president's career stays for 30 years before you want to retire - can you make it on top before it happens?

Good game, but whenever I make a profit when I am in debt every week, how do I take money every week, even though I am earning profit per week. I was below the recommended wage bill and in some way I was still losing money, even if I did not spend much.

It is difficult to start from the bottom and go to the top without spending real life money. I've read the blog but she does not do much, it is the best way to help the sports company and help the players to create a feature to watch the ads in the game's money. Like 500 pounds for each advertisement and it increases 100% in each league

I bought the president of football for 3 times due to email change, but there is no scope for it because it is a game that is primitive but addictive and travels to work from the bus or the car's flight. I think developers will have to release a new version influenced by their fans, I play FM Mobile more than this game, but if you tamper with this game for a little less repetition then there will be debate. Staying the same is the only thing. Keep it offline

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