Wednesday, December 20, 2017

요지경 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

I invite you to the world of the monsters.

▣ Unique Story
We enjoy it by full voice dubbing of domestic representative voice actors!
Story of Yogi Kyokyo full of immersive feeling!

▣ Colorful action spreading at your fingertips
Colorful action directed and manipulated different!
Action that can be felt only in the spot!

▣ Yeongam Ice System
Come with a variety of spiritual things!
Bing's system can only be experienced in the field of vision!

▣ High Quality Animated Cut Scene
Anime that can not keep an eye off!
Along with the animation of the other side into the world of Yi Ji Kyung!

▣ Eye catching visual
The monsters are animated by cartoon randering!
Colorful action graphics!

▣ Official Community

Oriental Fantasy RPG with mysterious three gangs! 'magic glass'
finally. It was officially opened !!

Thank you to the adventurers who waited for a long time.
I prepared a monthly attendance event.

character!! Let's check it out right away.

  ◈ Event period: From December 14 (Thu) to December 31 (Sun)

  ◈ Event Contents

    1) You can get the following rewards when you access the game within the event period.

   2) Christmas Eve! Do not miss it!

  ◈ How to participate in the event

    1) You can check the compensation history through [Main Screen]> [Right Menu Bar]> [Attendance].
    2) You can get attendance compensation by touching the date on the attendance screen.

    ※ Event rewards are paid only once per character.
    ※ Attendance check Event compensation is only available until 23:59 on Sunday, December 31.