Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Lucid Saga 루시드 사가 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

A heartwarming story to meet with one hand Lucid Saga!
An adventure that leaves you with beautiful and beautiful characters!
There are various events in the official cafe!

▶ Over 200 beautiful illustrations with them!
- Warrior, Knight, Ranger, Assassin, White Mage, Black Mage all six classes!
- Over 200 heroes divided into classes and classes!
- Colorful illustrations and full-voice heroes!

▶ A dynamic battle of excitement!
- Conduct a strategic battle with the party composition of the class!
- Strategic use of individual skills for each character!
- Full-battled battle in full 3D!

Strategically simple vertical manipulation
- UI coming in at a glance! One-handed RPG!
- 3 charming characters of 3D full-length models!
- Game design optimized for smartphone interface!

▶ A massive scenario of enjoying a trip!
- A story of a huge scale in which each character's story progresses!
- Scenario map unlocked according to story progress!
- Defeat the local boss and move to the next area!

▶ Dungeons, arenas, exploration and real-time PVP! Full Scale RPG!
- A dungeon that can defeat powerful enemies and receive rewards!
- Test my heroes, PVP waiting for powerful rewards!
- Day of the week dungeons can get special rewards every day!

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