Monday, December 11, 2017

Final Contract Guide Cheats - Redeem Codes & Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Appearance from the App Store Final Contract: Legacy of War (CBT), Western fantasy 3D quality Turn-based RPG effects!

The solitaire fantasy 3D turn-based game featuring movies like CG and scenes. With over 200,000 words of story and history, he can be called 'playable and vibrant story'

Beat the fight with hundreds of roles, your ideas and your choices!
Dazzling wings and exquisite dress, especially for anyone!
AR tools, touch your imagination in fantasy in reality!
Real-time cross-towers of PVP, shoot at any time when you need it!

Storybook Lifestyle Opening
With photos like CG and scenes, the game has more than 200,000 words in the original story. It is based on the story of a beautiful world and hundreds of Spitts stories from the early days of the creation of the world by two Gods, when the balance of the elements was broken by uninterrupted exploitation of the elements. Controversial war between humans, Elf and Cyber
The fortune of the city of Artes is a strong partnership. The secret city in the city that created the theme is searched by you.

Tips AR
With the 360 ​​° Panorama, you can cross the limitations of your imagination, reality, imagination and reality, and take a look at them!
Better, peeling together!
Souls are divided into four points and the responsibilities of different differences. There are 17 kinds of work done. Different cultures of the spirit of the soul and the power struggle to fight with feelings!
Prevent or prevent, the greatest damage or all of the tools, all you have to decide!
Prohibit experiments
Create multiple groups for a couple of battle enemies!

Many books and farms
Over 100 thoughts with four points: water, fire, earth and wind.
17 types of work experience
There are many wings and lovely characters that can add to your soul statistics
Everything should be written by you!

There are more Gameplay PVE / PVP / Guild System
Enjoy real-time battle PVP with players worldwide!
Fighting respect for your own guild in the Guild Fight and enjoy the prize.
Too many equal and diverse levels of bosses on low incomes
To save time, you can use coupon payment. Given the limited services and products, we find foreigners, refuge, eternity and other PVE games!

Food & Service
Getting the second and the best possible time on the 7th day.
Free VIP Award for all players
No joystick! At least one epic tip is promised in every corner.
There are many ways to gather the understanding of faith in the beginning of Wisconsin

Come and complete your paper!

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