Saturday, November 25, 2017

Wonder 5 Masters R (Reboot) Guide Cheats - Redeem Gift Codes, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Easy to call and call on Wonder 5 Masters R (Reboot)!
Wake heroes with the balls provided by game
Make Heroes more by tools and modifications
Use brain and magical rush with the peak and the ultimate heroes.
Simple and more consistently from multiple gifts

Enjoy the deepest of the imagination and the stories of the rock, the legend!
Make your ideas come up with frustrating skills
Go through the adventure of telling the Knight Truth and save the world from the darkness of night, Paleim

Variety with many heroes and 10 different methods!
Total 135 Heroes available! Find the hero you want!
Share and share your ideas by selecting 5 heroes with 5 guests to create a group.
Different types of games such as adventure, small search, wars and space, that all users can swipe through!

It's possible to buy items cache options in the game, when purchasing selected product cache, there may be additional payments and may be restricted based on the actual legal regulations associated with the product .
Use of games and events is most likely to be investigated in the game or community.

I feel sorry at the old version of this kind, but now I am happy that it is back, thank God, I really loved this game

Thank you for changing the game Please do something about college promotion We hope we can not kill them one day when we use it.

Good Game UI looks really good and beautiful. Dev group offers a variety of free gifts, but the game often bends, the Hero is slow and heavy. Apart from this, only some of them choose from. I am looking forward to the promotion and activities of this game.

I hit the old version of the game and really liked it. Try to reboot, but the game is now too long. It is not the problem with the old version. My WiFi and file connections are good and still trying to install again, but still static. Please fix it

I do not know why people lower the game but I believe this game is very good. The game is in balance and the error was fixed. There is no VIP and it does not hit Hope that it will be advertised about the game.

Welcome to w5m like this game until it stops sad. But bring it back tnx please change the characters more and events so that it can stay because of the greater game of collision, events will cause bigger problem

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