Friday, November 24, 2017

Musou Glory Guide Cheats - Redeem Gift Codes, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

When users reach up to LV 60, you can tap on the "Musou Glory" button at the bottom of the game interface to access the interface with doubles.
When several are online at the same time, they will be able to feature, and the feeling will disappear when a party goes offline

In a few tables, you can see the participants of the report by other players
Tap the magnifying glass "watch", you'll be able to see the information on other players, will follow "fans Tap" where players will be added to you "follow- up "list.
Tap "Printed", you will need to edit your partner-will publish a post to you to publish Post Hot 30 to everything for work or good package Cube-Top- You can choose the 50-degree gold top.
This post will be released for 48 hours.

Players must acknowledge their marriage before Finding the player in two rooms and moving it. Only after accepting the parties you can do two.

Marriage is divided into two categories of competition, marriage and marriage. Gold and various gifts can be consumed in many kinds of weddings, and the names given can be different.
Both parties should meet online to get married.
The relationship between parties must be more than 99 points.
You can be married many times to get an exemption.
When you are ready to have permission from the other party for a couple of days since 24 hours if no answer, then you can store the bag.

You can tap on "My Marriage" interface after marriage to open the love of love.
You can send a message of "throat" or "kiss" to your companion and get the cost of love. You can send dog dog food to the world, where other people can use it to say "please eat food" to get the gift.
You can add more love and more features by sending flowers.

For the first time, both husbands and wives should live online for the challenge, and then removing the level you can wash.
Both of them can be reset all the time
You can get the gift, after removing the steps, the wooden guide and XP can have the equipment for growing crops.

You can grow crops after marriage, it means that if you divorce then you can not grow or accept gifts.
Ferry tree needs to drink your Fari Dave to be upgraded, and Frerio can be obtained from several pods.
As the tree grows, the behaviors of the behavior can be increased, and the tree itself can take many fruits. After the application of the fruit CD will be completed, at the end of the CD you can request a reward.

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