Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Tower Assassin's Creed Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The Tower Assassin's Creed is amazing! This game has the best soundtrack, the control is good, but I think only one thing is needed and it's good, and better climbing animation and lifting Animation better for falling into guilty. I also think that the game will be very good with the noise of rain and rain. Thanks for the game!

To fun for 10 days a day, the tower is back with special assaulted Creed touch! Play now with your murder journey through the sky and kill your friends!

· Create the highest level with the power of the touch gameplay
Bring your assassin to the top
· When you enter the leap of confidence, enter your benefits and you will be able to earn more in the boat
· Play with EZO in Florence, Jack in London, Byeck in Giza ... 9 Killers and 5 amazing settings to unlock!

This is amazing, nice sound track, great gameplay, and it does not end in the end, at last your assassins take the temptation of faith. I love the tower, and this is a good thing to add to the killer killer, but not the greatest thing to do together? When I first transported him and heard the EZO family, I knew it was so fun. If you can, add more features, this is fantastic

Not very right but it almost certainly has me to choose a lot of killers and places there. Recently, AC characters (I came to thank you), but I want to see Connor, Edward, Desmond and other places like America, West Indies, France and so on. If it comes with any other update then it will be. Apart from this, the process of making the game is inaccessible.

He wants to love this game, it's simply the hardest thing to do. I only have a few minutes to complete the product and resume all the time as if it would not play again unless it's gone.
Assassin's Creed series, and in this game, I've been boring and I like the 'tower', and now Assassin's Creed version is better. I hope you add additional people (Edward, Connor etc), and new places (French, Mediterranean etc) make good game, hope that ketchup will be better. I have given this issue to four stars, why this is some insects, like when we get guitars from the publications, after listening, but the tower does not have its own . Hopefully my comment is read by the chap.

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