Tuesday, November 7, 2017

KISS Rock City Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Who does not want to be a rock star? There is only one KISS Rock City You do not have enough money and you are opposed to any decision on your team. Going out, you meet with members of the reputation and the beautiful people. What is StarDom Adventure to create a better rock next time - and who can help you! Sing along with the sound of the first kiss and stick around the strange story.

Show photos beautiful, evil and luxury!
Crimping clothes such as stones to punk and j-pop How to make your free copy!
The lowest game that makes your skills in the test!
Relationships with your members will make them happy and prosperous!

Please note: Kiss - Stone city is free to play and play, however, some wildlife can also be paid for the game. If you do not want to use this feature, please disable the app in your settings settings. In addition, in our Privacy Policy and Privacy Policy, you must have at least 13 years of experience to download or download the KIS - Rock City.

Many games for rockers I'm not a kissing fan at all, but my favorite games. The music music is really good, making music better than "piano tiles" style. Do not click on the "DJ Arcade" style, it would be better if you do not have the largest rocket (kia) game to choose the song from a different rockband and you will meet Rockstar on the road. . The game is very similar

I'm also a kissing fan and is usually a big fan of rock, but you're making a lot of decisions, this is the game, nothing more, finish your own and grow! The game is a bit fun, respecting the kiss and trying to make a kid, the big rock is coming in many lives ... regardless of what others help me this game.

I do not understand well, it's fun time killer. The team has done well, who does not listen to the enemy, they have not done anything better than criticizing them

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