Sunday, November 5, 2017

Slash of Sword Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Earn money in Slash of Sword and fight for the field, be famous exciting, blood gladiator fights are waiting for you! Try to defeat 1 enough fight or 10 fighters for 1
Relax in battles in the village, upgrade your skills, unlock new weapons and tools.

Picturesque and fight
Good because of the design of animations and also said, Ldhaian was also very good on mobile devices!

Fight with some warriors
Start your journey down as a gladiator to defend the same person as you. Get beat and name of the best warrior, battle 10 enemies at one time!

Lost Fight
Meet 1 of 1 with the best of the best!

Stunning graphics
Beautiful photos, lighting for lighting, weather changes and seasons!

Artificial intelligence intelligence
If the enemy is trying to surround us and drown right if you hurt them, they will try to regain, and their colleagues will make them.

Open and in the world
In addition to the battle you will find areas where there is real-life, no sleep, having a conversation with someone close to someone, where businessmen say they are shopping. Buy your product and ammunition, a peaceful break when waiting for dinner or sitting by the fire to upgrade their skills.

Developer - Coming Soon (PVP fights, new location, archers, Viking,
ragdoll physics, new weapons and new animation)

I like the concept of the game and all the will be, but it should add the kind of details of the valve product to be insufficient and the spear to the people and probably to bow in a several enemies. The shield will also be bad with the gun armor and other. Character and weapons will remain silent for the ability to change, and that the story will help improve the whole game.

I like it! It's so fun and easy but it's so fun! Although I agree with others that it does not have in the content but everything else is good! Graphics, gameplay, it's all perfect! I suffered a slight bug where the match after the end of the screen was just too frail and it did not work. This is the smallest line I've ever met. But yes! Good game!

Like it! But if we can only find how the world's open then you can explore the fence? If the land is better to expand we add a few different areas such as exploration of the region and further "land" a hostile state and Snow, plain and sweet! I'm no longer interested in handling bigger buses 100-200mb for it and some research and minimap! According to Quest Master and Collect Gold and Hetket, add others, such as fighting spears and suede etc. And other tools have to be said that the quality of the heavy armor, the battle Armor Medium armor and other will help change your life. Popular future developer

Very Good It Use the sun wandering around the city during a lot of time-wield and enjoy the change. Fighter is fun, but every fight is like this. In order to enjoy it is not really a lot, it will be just as easy for a good game to have a personal claim that we can go. There may be other things for us

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