Monday, November 6, 2017

Dodge Hard Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Dodge Hard is a new exciting mobile action shooter game. Built with action pack adventure; Blast your way through the hordes of bellicose robots and their alien overlords, while blowing up foes, surviving the stages, grabbing supplies and crafting materials along the way!

If you find yourself having difficulties with clearing a stage, you can use the ‘’Remote Portal’’ to go back to the previous stage level up, grab some materials and enhance your parts and weapons!

Choose the previous stage level you wanted to go back.

Kina – Used when buying essential items like Remote Portal, Collection Drone, Armor Repair Kit, and Mental Repair Kit. It can be also used for purchasing Coins.

Coins – Used for Weapon, Parts, Modules, and Material crafting, it is also used when upgrading equipment.

There are stages that a boss will appear. Most likely every 5소 stage.

Defeating a boss is more difficult than clearing the stage as it has various attacks that are much harder to dodge.

However, defeating bosses will reward you with gears and weapons.

Weapons and Gears are equipment that boosts the Character Stats. Use the Enhancement System to upgrade items and make yourself stronger and durable when it comes to clearing the stage and fighting robots.

You can access this system by going to Menu>Equipment>Select an equipment.

Once you have already selected an equipment you will see an enhance button.

The shop sells different essential items that can help the user progress much faster, such as Kina, Coins and other special items. Most of the items sold here can be purchased with Kina and some can be bought using Cash.

Synchronizing your game account to Facebook and/or Google Play (for Android) / Game Center (for iOS) will preserve your game data if your device is lost or has its memory wiped.

You should be able to link your game data to an SNS account by going to the Menu>Settings>Account.

You can also save your current data on the game by going to Menu>Settings then click Game Save.

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