Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Goons.io Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Destroy your enemies and build your sword to win the battle.

Use the sword to kill as many people as possible. Stay away from your enemy and collect the colorful substance to develop your behavior.

If you have a bigger sword, you will be able to overcome your enemies. Choose one idea for managing the game easily. But beware of competition: only the champions can be champions!

Do not forget to bring objects to open new skins! Enjoy the I-Contest with special characters.

The popular io game is now on the phone! Clone Games Tell Goons.io!
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS? Use your sword to show something that you are friends or enemies.
Easy to control! Swipe the sword with the ball. Go to the rusher to kill or sweet as a soldier!

Good morning! Crossroads and stairs to compete with the challenge of people who do not know the content: officers, rebels, leaders, soldiers and soldiers - many enemies and the Goonsion Tips! Collect details, remove drops and grab the other stairs to grow! Do it cost!

Collection! Do you have the goals of this game with gifts? Activate the skin color (Curl, Spike, Zomb and more!) Your character and your sword!

Popular IO creators like Blobie.io, Shooters.io, Fisp.io and Pikes.io give Goons.io Knight Warriors for all of your current family. Repeat online and offline.

Control is easy to control, but the game is not easy. You are a soldier of the army and he cared for the animals. Yes, I try to play all the games and I can say it is better for the soldiers.

Omg is a great game! Not long ago I had a knight.io, but goonsio better!

I think it needs extra strength or weapons. But it is really camera.
I think it will take a lot of energy and supplies for players when they grow up.
I like your game, so I'm really happy

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