Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Alive In Shelter: Moon Guide Cheats - Walkthrough, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Stay alive in shelter! Use as much as you need from the property and to the moon. Try to survive as long as possible and bring the fireworks home. Better house made no electricity and electricity. Go through expedition, repair. Be sure to have oxygen.

Awesome game! This is my idea. You can add 1 more characters with Bob, ben and katrina, you can add a girl.

And you can be up to 13 years old to learn the product further. And can you read the tutorial?

Thank you Nov Nov of the month AIS Live At the shelter and I like this AIS version because it has cooled water!

I want you to shop where you can buy items.
And as a new tool that can repair something like a cigar or a tip or a fire or something like that ...

It looks like this. I'm just the problem now, the woman is disappearing with the fine, he says that Ben has died so he would go away

I find the collection of objects together a bit and pick the card of the card if the exterior does not work except one at the time of his death and a map shows next fall

I like the game so far. and I know it will have bugs in the beta, but I've seen 2 that really really mess with this game.

The first is sometimes when you go outside to fix the problem and go to the tournament to meet you in a different way to make your lost time and 2 when I try to use a picture or card again when I sent someone in the direction I went to the pipe with nothing but when I removed it, it shows that I wanted to return if I wanted to choose another part of the tab But when I do 2 days, it says that Pearson does not come back and it's annoying. Thank you for reading if you do

It's awesome! Just like the same key in shelter but with a vibe space for it. It was a little confusing at first but I kept it fast. The new daily environments provide many data. I also like the way you can choose who to sleep. It's great to save money. I only ask one thing: change the thirst for thirst and thirst while you cross the markers? She was confused and the family died too much because of her.

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