Monday, September 25, 2017

World of Prandis Guide Cheats - Codes Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Melee attack plus outstanding defense, each attack of his is like a fortress crashing into
enemy's formation.
He uses his body of steel, sweeping into the enemy like a hurricane.

Range attacker. swift in combats. Capable of attacking enemy's weakness without
Her arrows fly across the enemies and bring them destroy and desperation.

Range attacker, summoner of falme. He can deal tons of damage in a blink to push
enemies, and he can use the frozen operation so that the enemy could not move to
prepare them for his rage.

Dungeons and Raids can now enter directly through the dungeon entrance, without having to enroll in a queue.
You can enter it by yourself.
If you are in a party, you can join with party members.
Two new Raids have been added.
Cash shop has been opened. (It is not available in the dungeon.)
Some cash items are still in preparation.
New broom ride and Halloween pets have been added.
Trade is not available until the service is stabilized.
New face customization has been added.
Library tab added.
In the Library tab you can see the story of each hero in the Prandis history.
Thank you for waiting.

Dungeon / Arena / Raid / Battlefield has been opened.
Instance contents can also be matched to different servers.
Monster's life has been reduced to 1/3.
The Attack and Armor's increase has been reduced from 2 to 1.
The overall Damage calculation has been changed.
Skill upgrade increases the more damage
Passive skills now applies to all stances.
New UI changes.
You can acquire various grades of herbs and ores.
You can block or avoid the magical skills of the bolt.
Experimentally use a new API for optimization.
This can cause the game to crash.
The OpenGlES version has been upgraded from 2.0 to 3.0.
Now we use GPU Skinning.