Monday, September 25, 2017

Flick Arena Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

- Pleasant game principle, rare trophy loss (and insignificant in the face of won numbers). In short, difficult to "rage" on this game and it's good.
- Too bad for the beginning, I find the tutorial started well but too quickly stopped. No explanation concerning the pieces of puzzles pink for example, even if one clicks on it. To add that they are useful only for the clan seems to me necessary, as well as very quick explanations on the other "coins" of the game (for those not knowing anything about this style of game in particular).
- The menus are designed as they are, that does not bother me more than that. However, the fact that I can not quickly change my page by sliding to the left and right is disturbing in my opinion ... I honestly find it hard to get used to clicking on the small thumbnail of the bottom that only engages me).
- Very good idea to have the fighting arenas changed daily. Obligation to adapt, and thus a strategy that can be renewed every day with characters more or less good with a holed configuration or not for example. A feeling of novelty every day that makes you happy. On the other hand, are the maps limited in number, or is it enough to turn on a week / month?
- Finally, the "special offers" that are renewed every hour "obliges" the player to return regularly. On the other hand, one question comes to mind: if we take a specific offer, can we have it again later, or is it unique?

In summary, good game with lots of potential and surely future if followed by its developers. Some inaccuracies remain to facilitate the beginnings.

Edit> I agree with Aeronix. I find it rather annoying not to be able to find the compositions of the players ... Just to give a general opinion on the level of troops of such a person, as well as the position most played among the top players ... In short, history to compare and improve if possible

Question: Is it normal for two members of the same guild to compete in an arena fight? If not, I inform you that it has already happened.

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