Friday, September 1, 2017

Hard Rock Puzzle Match 3 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Join us on a global adventure through incredible locations around the world!

Play the most vicious free Match 3 game, search the map, collect items and get an incredible collection of your cards. Put yourself in this extremely delicate item 3 of the game, and combine negotiate your way through hundreds of fun levels, beat challenges and clear levels.

Hard Rock Puzzle Match is a fun board game available for free online at Play Store and perfect for your Android device. With unique styling and design, collectibles and amplifiers, unabated!

The game of love and logic puzzle?
Play now and test your skills to solve the puzzle and progress through the game. Clear levels to unlock additional puzzles and surprises when visiting sites and explore exciting cities around the world.

• Create lines of at least 3 points to remove and clean the paper.
• The levels of REACH and claim a prize!
• overcome obstacles and gather impressive collectibles.
• Create combinations and special combinations to unlock unique to amplifiers to meet the challenges.
• Solve puzzles and collect search maps for your exciting trip!

Hard Rock Puzzle Party Features:
- Search the map, visit different cities and complete challenges.
- Turn the wheel and earn daily bonuses extraordinary.
- Deal 3 points to create an attack point and earn points.
- I─želsu special awards and requests for collection!
- Interrupt yourself b'puzzles exciting parts 3.
- Play and enjoy incredible levels of puzzles in this fun and addictive board game.
- Obtain high scores and try to get 3 stars on each level.
- Clarify the board and earn good gift cards.
- Increase your experience improvements.
- Enjoy this game colorful and fun puzzle!

Search the world!
Start your adventure now! Download the free Android device and move along the map, compare items and solve puzzles. From London to Las Vegas, New Delhi and Barcelona, ​​visit all the famous sites and know what you can offer each city!

Emotional Match 3 Adventure
Enjoy your time exploring the main sites, visit the London Eye and Big Ben, take a stroll before, Strip Vegas and book your stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.
Take a tour of the Temple of Bahai Lotus and Red Fort New Delhi, entertainment and do not miss a walk on the Ramblas or visit the beautiful Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Discover the collection of memories
Every city has a special set that you want to fill, matching items, winning levels and requires the card. Are you ready to take this amazing adventure game?
Wadding incredible compare products, make powerful combos and control challenges!

Play with your friends!
Share your results and achievements. Send and receive the lives of your friends by Hark Rock.
Play anytime, anywhere you want, it is totally free and no Wi-Fi required.

Puzzle Match Play Hard Rock, full collection of memorable items and win!
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How to play without annoying ads? (No Ads Cheats)
Playing Hard Rock Puzzle Match 3 game is sometimes annoying because of those intrusive ads, ads that may appear out of nowhere, ads that may block or occupy the entire screen of your device, 
Fortunately I have a (No Ads) cheat for you to follow the instruction and play Hard Rock Puzzle Match 3 game without those pesky annoying ads :)

You should turn off your WIFI/3G/LTE internet connection before launching the Hard Rock Puzzle Match 3 game. If you already launched the Hard Rock Puzzle Match 3 game, just force close or go to your multitask (Android: Multitask button, iOS: Double Tap Home Button) and remove it to force close the game. 

Watch Ad Cheat
You can get coins by watching an ads at anytime! by abusing this time settings in your android/iphone smartphone.
Just follow this simple steps.
  1. Close the Hard Rock Puzzle Match 3 app by going to your Android/iOS multitask and force close it. Restarting your phone would also force the app to close.
  2. Set your time in advance about 1 day or more.
  3. Open Hard Rock Puzzle Match 3 app and you can watch ads again.
  4. If you want to watch an ad again, just repeat the step 1-3.