Friday, September 1, 2017

Boxing Fighting Clash Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Each punch has its own damage, the cost of his resistance and the potential for its elimination.
A jab to the head, for example, costs little energy, but not much damage.
It's great to collect and upload photos or special punch combo.
Overall, the order of damage, resistance and potential k.o are: jabs, hooks and uppercuts.
But it also depends on the style, special skills that the fighter has.

Each punch worth resistance.
If you stop by hitting the resistance regeneration.
If you have a low resistance, your shot will do less damage.
while reducing the maximum resistance by achieving little.

The bumps on the body reduce the pool of resistance.
Special exceptions are the most effective ends, then shots and regular knife will always do a good job.
Regeneration collect your resistance between rounds.

Press two buttons on the screen to lock or use the green button lock.
Your block after stopping two shots.

You can dodge by pressing the yellow button.
The Dodge is active or blocking attack unless divide, can avoid punches on the head.
It's a little less effective in blocking, but can save critical moments.

Press the button clinic in the corner of the bottom right to enter the clinic, which can generate health and your body condition.

By hitting your opponent, you reduce the state of his body and changed red.
If you take a critical strike fighter, he can go and block.
The critical man can be eliminated by a further 6 punches, regardless of the remaining time.

You can also kill yourself when critical!
No matter how stay! As more life, more likely to return.

Now, money.
After each fight, you will get money or gold, use it to improve your fighter.
The skill points, updating your pace and your training, strengthen your fight!

We proudly present the versatile game with our new tactical means to beat your opponent. The game is very versatile and each player can find his own style.
Punch Each has its own goal, they differ on speed, endurance cost, damage and potential elimination. Gather points and b'ħabsijiet kontrabilanċja your opponent of large compositions.
Use all your skills like punching, dodging, blocking, combo and super punches to hit your opponents off the ground.
Do not confuse, risk to reduce, protect yourself and wait for the right time to use your Impetent to eliminate, everyone in your way!
★ Control Breaking Ground combo a system that will complement your mobile gaming experience!
★ A realistic action game with different boxing styles like Brawler, Freestyle, Old School and many others, Dodge, Rabies, Cuts, Knockouts, Knockout Techniques.
★ 40+ looks like characters such as Mohammad Ali, Vladimir and Vitaly Klitschko, Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury, Sugar Ray, Foreman and many more Rocky Legends of boxes.) Strengths and Different Weaknesses
★ Each fighter has the configuration of his special abilities that make them unique and change the way they fight. They vary depending on the type of defensive ability as aggressive.
★ realistic sounds, graphics and animations
★ Smart boxing atmosphere, feel BOX feeling a large area!
★ customize a great personality
★ The library with more than 100 movements can configure your warriors
★ Shop with fighters, clothing, skills, improvement and much more
★ an excellent career with your warriors or purchased
★ Fight Fast
★ Tournaments
★ challenge

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