Thursday, August 31, 2017

Little Alchemy 2 Guide Cheats - Hints, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

If you ever get stuck, you can try using a hint!
Tip detects an object you can do by using things already discovered.
But do tell you how to keep things interesting and challenging.

There are two ways to get clues:
Using search points - you can get search points by selecting the "get more search" button in the information menu, then choose the amount you want to buy and proceed to the transaction.

Any clue is worth a search for points.
This method does not require an Internet connection if you are looking for items that are already available.
Know that if you happen to have on more than one device, your research points remain on the equipment you used to get them.

Announcement - just after the end of the video you will have a clue. Each video will use a regeneration charge over time. This method requires an Internet connection.

To see all active ideas can open the list of objects in the encyclopedia and select the category of signs.
Keep in mind that it will not show the items already discovered, you can find those with the rest of your library.

Small alchemy, the Crafting game enjoyed by millions of players, is back with more items, fresh, new style of art and charming music!

Mix items and create a world from scratch! Discover exciting articles accompanied by fun descriptions and lose yourself by exploring the great and new library!

Petits Alchemy 2 Features:
Library completely new.
Dynamic art style.
Soundtrack of the film.
Descriptions Encyclopedia of fresh products

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