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Dance On Mobile Guide Cheats - Coupon Gift Codes, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

A torque system.
- You have to be first with friends / her.
- Increase your privacy with the person (first story PDKT: D), can increase intimacy by sending a gift to him / her from the list of
- After your friendship and he / she reaches the level of privacy 2, you can accept his / her marriage / Profile of ikkanċja> click on two> UID to search> check name> then click Confession.

- is later a selection of love letters that you can send him / her, you can choose to use plain paper (50 Ruby) or luxury card (Diamond 100).
Let nissimulaw your feelings directly into the letter, enter as nice words as possible! When you are finished, click Confession.

- Wait until your partner responds to the love letter, if he accepts to accept, if he refuses, he will proceed to the refusal.

- When you receive ... then you have officially become a partner.

- When a couple can increase your level couple by sending a gift to your partner. Here's how ...

- In a couple feature, a "remember" function where you can use "Stone Couple" with only 60 Diamond (at least already VIP 2) and can also use "Couple Aura Badge" whose level can, so look will have more beautiful . Choose a couple badge matches the person and your partner.

Dance on mobile feature:

Married couple
Dance On Mobile has several social features including married couple features and characteristics. The player will not feel alone because they can meet and interact with each other.

Dance Battle
Dance Battle is divided into 2 options: single battle or battle team. The player needs to win the battle to gain points and become the best dancer in the ranking of the battle.

Garden will help the player to gain more resources, including rare items and coins. The players should take care of their garden by planting and flooded daily.

Story Quest
Completing Story Quest will be awarded valuable element. Besides the search for the story, the player can also make the search Side Quest or couple.

There are many 'Day On Mobile features such as: Crafting, Fashion many, many new songs as well as the awesome performance of graphic movements and Dancing!

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