Saturday, August 5, 2017

Beasts Evolved Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Is the sign-in reward updated on a monthly basis?
Sign the reward is in accordance with the number of recipients has been led down, that is, when the 31 received a reward after the replacement of the new 31 will be rewarded

Creates grade
Each creature has the probability of raising the grade of the building, that is to say the more the number of creation, the higher the level of the building.
There is no real use of the stage level, there will be a follow-up

How did the runaway rank?
Runaway time ranking in the case of the same number of killings, will be discharged in chronological order to complete the first kill the number of players

What is dust?
Dust can be seen in the number of synthetic page page number ~ ~ with a certain amount of dust synthetic heraldic success probability is 100%

April 14 version update, enter the game character is lost?
After the new version of the update, received a small number of players feedback into the game when the system jump to allow players to re-select the role of the interface, do not panic in this situation, as long as most people use the Home button to jump back to the desktop, Home key to enter the background, select the super evolution of the end of the program operation, re-enter the game to retrieve the role. If still not resolved, please greatly create a new role,
Click the picture inside the game -> contact us, customer service will help greatly retrieve the role.

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