Friday, July 14, 2017

Ruins of Glitterdeep Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Dropping an Expanding Tile quickly fills an area with rickety tiles.
Each tile lasts 5 turns, enough to make some quick progress.
The Miner can clear out a Collapsed Tile and create his own path.
Excellent for creating paths that block creature movement.
Secret Passage tiles look like dead ends, but act as a 4 way. Ditch pursuing monsters by using the secret passage to get behind a wall.
The TNT Box explodes after 3 turns removing goblin dens, spike traps and dealing damage to anyone in the area.

Priestess: Encased in a strong steel armor and able to smite skeletons from distance.
Only the priestess can enter the sanctuary. The tile offers a reprieve from nearby enemies.
The Holy tile restores health to the priestess; if an enemy enters however, it will harm them.
Placing a Chain Penitent Tile will stun nearby enemies for 3 turns!
While the Priestess holds her ground on the shield tile, she takes reduce damage.