Friday, July 14, 2017

Mystical Stones Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Mystical Stones How to Play Guide

All dungeon has 3 treasures! If we can't get them all, we can always use the escape button in the bottom left to get out with whatever we have.

Moving a Stone: Move the stone forward. You can use one of the two control modes to move the stone to it's target.
Simultaneity of Movements: All the stones of the same color move at the same time.
One color after the other: The stones are activated one color at a time.
Pushing a Stone: A moving stone can push another one.
Gain of Power: You gained enough power to repel chaos and partly release the deity of your choice.
Simple Teleporter: The stones can get through teleporters.
Directional Teleporter: Some teleporters change the direction of the stone.
No more Solution available? Watch a video to retrieve one solution.

Companions Room: At the service of one of the divinities. The companions are powerful spirits who carry out the tasks.
10 of the same team are able to instantly release a deity from petrification.