Thursday, June 30, 2016

Con Man: The Game Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Attendees are at the very core of a well-oiled convention.
Fulfill their needs to earn Experience points and level up to gain access to the ‘creme de la creme’ content.
Attendees want to spend money and be entertained.
They can spend Con Cash at booths or by getting VIP autographs.
You have to make sure there are enough points of interest in your convention to satisfy everyone.

Coix and Con Cash
To improve your convention, you need Con Cash and Comix. Con Cash is pretty common and is mainly used to purchase more booths, hire staff, and buy Con Bags.
You can get Con Cash from sales made at booths, as well as in missions and Con Bags.
Comix, on the other hand, can be used for pretty much anything: get Golden Con Bags and Superfan Buttons, speed up any timer.
It can even be converted into Con Cash. There are several ways in which to obtain Comix, such as completing tasks and missions.

Con Bags
Con Bags are the best! Not only are they the best way to collect Superfan Buttons to unlock and upgrade Superfans, they're also the only way to collect the largest themed booths and all the decoration items. But most importantly, you get precious Superfan Buttons. You know you want them!

Everybody needs to go there at some point.
Make sure that there are enough toilets in your convention to accommodate the size of your crowd. Higher convention levels unlock more sophisticated restrooms that can beused by more people at the same time.
Attendees will post on your CONmunity feed if they're unable to find a toilet in time...and then they'll go home and change.

A full stomach guarantees a good time, and nothing makes the fans hungry like wandering around a convention all day long.
Make sure you have plenty of vending machines, food stands and restaurants toslake your visitors’ hunger, because if you don't, your CONmunity feed will be flooded with hangry posts.

You need a lot of garbage bins to manage the litter produced by your crowd. And try to empty them before they're full, because not only will the stench chase people away, it will also attract unwanted rodent visitors.

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