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Beat Fever Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game


Rockstars are your friends and your instruments. They’re what allow you to create music to unite the world. The Rockstars you use to play songs directly affect your performance, your score and even your margin for error.

No two Rockstars are exactly the same. They’re as distinct as the musical styles and the artists that spawned them. And the hard fact is some are just better than others. There are several different rarities of Rockstars that determine their overall quality. They are in order from basic to best:

  • Commmon
  • Uncommon
  • Special
  • Rare
  • Super
  • Ultra
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythic

Rare and better Rockstars can be won two ways: either whole or piecemeal. In the latter case, you can earn fragments of discs from songs, the store or raids that combine into a whole Rockstar. This disc then takes time to render, but once it’s done you have a new Rockstar for your band. You can also speed up the process with gems.

There are dozens of Rockstars to collect all over the world. Find the best ones to suit your style.

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When you first get a new Rockstar, it will have its own name. However you can change it to whatever you want by tapping the Inventory button at the bottom of the screen, then tapping the Rockstar in question. On the Rockstar’s stats screen, tap its name to edit it.

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Your band is the team of Rockstars you use to actually play songs. To assign Rockstars to your band, tap the inventory button at the bottom of the screen. Then swipe the screen to select which band you want to edit (you can save up to 6 bands), then tap the Change Band button.

Remove Rockstars from your band by tapping them. Then tap Rockstars from your inventory to take their place. Once you have the band you want, press Save in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Whichever Rockstar you put in the first position in the band will be your Band Leader and will follow you around in the world.

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Songs are categorized into six types: Rhythm, Electric, Hype, Crossfade, Heavy, and Sharp. Song Rockstars in turn have numerical values associated with each type, always favoring one of the six types above all the others.

So for example, a Rockstar could have 10 points in Hype, 10 in Rhythm, 10 in Heavy, 10 in Crossfade, 10 in Electric and 100 in Sharp. This would be a Sharp type Rockstar because its Sharp stat is the strongest.

When taking Rockstars into songs, the number of points they have in that song’s type determine the number of points they give you per note tap. So the above idol would get 10 points per note in Hype Songs, but 100 points per note in Sharp songs.

Tailor your bands by song type to earn the highest score in every situation.

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You can increase your Rockstars’ stats (and thus increase the points you get per hit) by leveling them up. This requires a cost of gold and other “feeder” Rockstars that are absorbed to boost another Rockstar’s power.

To level a Rockstar, select it in your inventory. Then tap the Power Up button. From here, you can select three tabs: Level, Specialize and Evolve. The Level tab should be selected by default.

At the bottom of the screen, you can select Rockstars from your inventory that will be fused into the Rockstar you’re leveling. These Rockstars are consumed and removed from your inventory. The leveling Rockstar will then gain XP based on the level and rarity of the feeder Rockstars. With enough XP, it levels up and its stats increase accordingly. Using Rockstars of the same type as the leveling Rockstar nets even more XP.

In addition to directly improving stats, leveling up is also crucial to unlocking equipment and raising a Rockstar to its max level is necessary to evolve it into a bigger, badder, more powerful Rockstar.

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Rockstars are powerful, but even the best musicians need the right gear. Once Rockstars reach a certain level they can use up to six pieces of equipment. You can find out the specific piece of equipment and the level required by tapping the Rockstar in your inventory, then tapping one of the six empty equipment boxes.

Each piece of equipment binds on use, so it cannot be removed, and then grants a small bonus to a stat. You can see this bonus by tapping the equipment in the Items tab in your inventory.

Once you get all six pieces of equipment a Rockstar can use, you’re given the option to fuse the items to that Rockstar. This will result in increasing the Rockstar’s prestige level and every prestige level gives a permanent percentage boost to all six stat types.

After a Rockstar increases their prestige, their equipment is consumed and six new pieces of equipment are required to prestige up again.

Equipment has rarity levels, just like Rockstars themselves, and the more basic rarities can be found in song rewards and in the prize grabs.

Higher rarity equipment, however, needs to be crafted. To craft equipment, tap a Rockstar that requires better equipment. Their empty equipment slots will say Craft, instead of Equip. Tap any slot that says Craft. Then tap Recipe.

This brings up a slide that will show you what equipment is needed to build this new item and the cost of gold required. If you have all ingredients, press craft to create the item, then equip it to your Rockstars.

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