Thursday, June 30, 2016

League of Beauties Guide Cheats - Codes, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Pet Talent
Pet talent can be unlocked after clearing a specified dungeon
During core battle, pet will gain a certain amount of vigor when pieces are dissolved.
Once the required amount of vigor is reached, pet will throw talent fruit on screen, players can choose to tap it to activate talent effect.
Talent fruit is divided into 3 types: Explosion, Purification and Conversion. Choose the right timing to use talent can let you complete battles at ease

Pet level
Players can use soul pills to level up pets. When leveling, there's a chance of getting critical level up, causing pet to level up several levels in one shot.
Once leveled, pets stat will increase.!

Beauty can request support from other available beauties. Once the role is assigned, the main beauty will receive huge stats boost. By increasing the quality of support beauties will also increase their support stats.

Character Level
Character Level affects your Stamina limit, Beauties' level limit, Artifact's level limit, the highest stage for Normal Dungeons the player can enter, and so on.
You can earn EXP by clearing Normal Dungeons, raiding Normal Dungeons, and Daily Quests!

Sign in and Share to your friends to get great prizes!!
During the event timing, sign- in a total of 8, 16 or 28 times to receive rewards. Share sign-in page for 3 time and earn yourself 1 sign-in chances for missing day.
Sign-in chances for missing day can only be used when you miss a day for sign-in.
Rewards: Exp Book, Stamina Pill, Bullion and 5-Star Hua Mulan!!!

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