Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How can i level up my units faster?
One vortex dungeon can be opened each day in the Vortex of Desires for free. Each additional dungeon will cost 100 lapis to open.

For leveling your units, you should choose the Chamber of Experience, which has three levels:

BGN - Requires 5 energy and is the easiest level.

INT - Requires 10 energy and offers an intermediate challenge which yields more experience.

ADV - Requires 15 energy and is currently the most challenging level which yields the most experience.

Where I can find the material needed to awaken my units? 
You can open the Chamber of Awakening in the Vortex of Desires to farm materials.
Like the Chamber of Experience, it also has three stages. The types of awakening materials attainable vary by stage:

BGN - Requires 5 energy. This stage offers a random assortment of basic awakening materials needed to awaken one to three star units.

INT - Requires 10 energy. This stage offers a random assortment of uncommon awakening materials such as Heaven’s Ash, Sacred Crystal, and so forth.

ADV - Requires 15 energy. This stage offers a random assortment of rare awakening materials such as God’s Reliquary, Holy Crystal, and so forth.

What are friend points and what can I do with them?
Friend points are used to summon one to three star units for 200 points each from the Standard Summon on the Summon screen.

You can acquire friend points by requesting them as a daily gift (10 points each), or by taking along a companion on a quest (10 points are awarded for taking a friend, and five points are awarded for a non-friend). Points may vary for featured events (see the Facebook page for updates).

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