Monday, April 4, 2016

War Thunder Conflicts Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

WT: Conflicts Guide

Tank base.
Tanks can only move on roads.

Aircraft base.
Aircraft can fly over any obstacles.

Missile base.
Missiles can fly over any obstacles.

Fortified Base.
Attacker suffers 2X the casualties.

Reinforced Base.
Attacker suffers 4X the casualties.

Neutral Base - Gray.
Armies do not regenerate in neutral bases. Guns do not fire.
A neutral base does otherwise defend against attacks, like any other base.

Anti-tank gun.
Effective against moving tanks.

Anti-air gun.
Effective against aircraft and missiles.

The numbers on a base indicates the number of units inside it. The bigger the base, the quicker it creates new combat units, with a higher total unit limit.

Bases that reached the unit limit display a flag.

When attacking aircraft bases using tanks or tank bases using aircraft. the attacker's losses are doubled.

When tanks attack a missile base, they suffer 2X less casualties.
When aircraft attack. they suffer 4X much casualties.

When missiles hit a base, all the missiles explode.
The bases garrison and all nearby troops suffer 10X casualties. Missiles can not capture bases.

Don't forget that it can be advantageous to split your tanks as opposed to driving them in a single column.

Territory is key to victory. The more bases you control. the less chances the enemy has.

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