Monday, April 4, 2016

Infinity Sword Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

First of all, we need a barrack to train soldiers, and make our citizens safe.

Everybody needs to eat, especially your troops, so we have to build a farm.

We have a farm to provide food, it's the time to train some soldiers for battle.

Daily Reward Here is your quests list, daily quests will refresh every day, try to finish one!

Equipment can increases your hero's ability, let's see how to wear.

Hero can use talent points to enhance armies, city production, and of course himself.

Residence: The Residence produces Gold for your city and increases your city's Gold capacity.

Baracks: The Barracks train and house your Troops.

Hospital: Heal your soldiers here.

University: Enhance yourself by upgrading technology here.

Watch Tower: Watchtower can discover attacking enemies beforehand, upgrading it to get more details.

Store House: Upgrading storehouse to protect your resources, it can protect food, wood, stones and iron.

Blacksmith's: Produce your equipment and reinforce gems in the.

Infinity Sword Cheats

You can get instant daily rewards in Infinity Sword game at anytime. You can get this cheat by changing your device time settings.
  1. Close the Infinity Sword app by reboot (restarting the device) or by forced app exit through Multitasking Feature.
  2. Set your time in advance, about 1 day to get instant daily rewards.
  3. Open Infinity Sword game and get the your rewards.
  4. If you want to get the rewards again, just repeat the process in the step 1-3.
If you want to go back at your current time/date just follow this steps
  1. Open Infinity Sword game,
  2. Close the Infinity Sword game by reboot (restarting the device) or by forced app exit through Multitasking Feature.
  3. Go to settings and change your time/date back to your current time/date.
  4. Open Infinity Sword game and you can play again without any problems.