Monday, April 25, 2016

War of Beach Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

1. What’s the type of the game War of Beach?
It’s a SLG game.

2. Can we purchase more peasants in War of Beach?
No. Current version does not support such purchase yet. We will notify you if it is ready.

3. Is there a revenge system or protection system in War of Beach?
No. For now, such function is not added.

4. How to get wood (stones, steel)?
5. Here are 4 ways to get wood (stones, steel):
1. Build Logging Camps (Stone Pits, Steel Plants) to produce
2. Cut trees on islands (stones on islands)
3. Loot islands of enemies or NPC
4. Conquer resource islands of wood (stone, steel) on the map

5. Will trees be refreshed if I cut all my trees down on my base?
Sorry, they won’t.

6. Is my world map the same as others’?
Yes, it is.

7. How many resource types in War of Beach?
There are 4 types of resources: Gold, wood, stone, steel, spar and power potion.

8. Where can I find the Replay?
Click the “notebook” icon at the world interface, enter the Activity Log and then choose one fight record.

9. How to get free diamonds?
You can get free diamonds via 4 ways:
1. Complete Achievements
2. Reach the required amount of killing enemies during defending
3. Engage in activities held in game, on FB, on our official website and forum
4. Open random diamonds boxes on your map

10. When will a new island come out?
Usually in every 19 minutes.

11. Can one landing boat load different troop types at the same time?
No, it can’t.

12. When to unlock Tank, Medic and Smoke?
Tank requires Command Center level 11, Medic Command Center level 15 and Smoke Command Center level 14.

13. Why can’t I find the instance of Sin Land on my map?
1. Requirements for unlocking this instance: Conquer Lucio's level 10 base
2. Requirements for unlocking this instance: Conquer Lucio's level 20 base

14. When will the Sin Land show up?
It shows up every Wednesday and Saturday from GMT 00:00:00 to 23:59:59.

15. Introduction to the spar:
There are four colors of spars: red, blue, green and purple. Meanwhile, from the size, the spars can be divided into 3 categories: particle, fragment and refined.
You can collect spars in fighting. At the Scout interface, you will find what kind of spar you may receive after a fight. It should be noted that some purple energy columns with spar chance are possible to increase the dropping rate of the spars.

16. What’s the requirement for the construction and reclaiming of Energy Columns?
1. 7 spar particles with same color compound one small Energy Column (Time cost: 10 seconds).
2. 7 spar fragments with same color compound one refined Energy Column (Time cost: one hour).
3. 7 refined spar with same color compound one excellent Energy Column (Time cost: 10 hours).
4. You will receive one spar fragment if you reclaim a small Energy Column.
5. You will receive one refined spar if you reclaim a refined Energy Column.
6. You will receive 7 Power Potions if you reclaim an Excellent Energy Column.

17. What’s the difference of Energy Columns with different colors?
The color of the Energy Column decides its attribution.
Green is for resource production increasing; blue is for the damage and blood increasing of buildings; red is used for the damage and blood increasing of troops; purple is representative of some certain attributes, like dropping rate of spars, warship energy, resource rewards.

18. How can I win a fight?
Destroy the enemy’s Command Center to win the fight directly.

19. Can survival troops be reserved in a fight?
Troops survived will be reserved whether you win or lose a fight. War of beach

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