Sunday, April 24, 2016

Light: Fellowship of Loux Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

You can recruit Heroes by using the Scrolls at the Temple of Heroes.
The grade of the Hero you get will vary according to the grade of the Scroll
Normal: 1 - 3 Star Heroes/Premium: 3 - 5 Star Heroes

The fight will become easier if you understand the Attribute and Class of Heroes
Every Hero has one of the three Attributes: Fire, Water, or Earth.
The Attributes have a power relations  Fire < Water < Earth < Fire.

Get EXP by combining a Hero with another Hero via Upgrade.
Heroes can level up by using other Heroes as material at the Upgrade Menu.
You can select any Hero in your possession to be used as a material Hero.
Your Heroes will gain 1.5 times more EXP when the material Hero has the same Attribute as the base Hero.

If you want stronger Heroes, try out Evolution!
Heroes that reached the MAX Level can be Evolved.
Evolution will cost you some Gold and Heroes of the same grade x(number of stars) regardless of the level.

Bring out the hidden powers of a Hero with Awakening!
By using the same Hero for Upgrade or Evolution material, you will have a certain chance of Awakening the Hero.
Even if you fail to Awaken the Hero, you will gain Awakening EXP. Once it reaches 100%, the Hero will automatically Awaken.

Craft Runes to make your Hero stronger!
Runes increase the stats of your Heroes greatly.
Runes have a total of 6 grades and each Hero can equip up to 4 Runes
By equipping 2 or 4 of the same Rune, the set effect will be activated.

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