Wednesday, April 13, 2016

UnnyWorld Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

1) How can I learn new spells?

Find Ondu Stone on your Planet, and activate it.

You will find a huge list of spells in the window. Colored spells are the ones you already know, but you might want to upgrade them. Click on any spell to get the description, and decide whether you want to buy it or not.

2) How can I go to Arena?

Build the Arena Portal if you don't have it yet.

Then find the Arena Portal and activate it. The will be a list of Arenas available for you, however you can't choose arena, server will pick one random for you. Click on the price button to sign up for arena and wait for some time so we will find opponents for you.

3) Where can I buy new items?

Find the Store button at the button in the Planet mode and click on it.

You will see the list of items you can buy. The currency for items is Arena Points. You can earn it fighting on Arenas.

4) How can I build new buildings?

In the Planet mode click on the right bottom button with a hummer.

Then select Buildings category, and choose the building you want to build. If you click on the Building button the description window will pop up, and to build it you need to drag the button and drop it on the planet.

5) What will happen if I leave the Arena?

First of all, it's always not good to leave your team without you. Your opponents will get an advantage of your team. You never know how things might turn, and there is always a chance to win.

If you leave the battle, you will get a Ran Away mark, which won't let you to participate in Arenas for several minutes.

6) Can I change my character?

If you press on the settings button, you can go back to the menu. In the menu you can switch between you characters or create new one.

Each character has several paths for evolution, so you can switch between them right in the game. To do that you need to use Ondu stone.

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