Monday, April 4, 2016

The Force of 3 Kingdoms Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The Force of 3 Kingdoms Ingots Guide

Power Shot Up,The Affect Of Ingots!

Must buy(Accessories, weapons, armors:ingot slot),it is very practical.
Wine: Suggest to buy 8 times for wine, enjoy the game later, try to buy as many as you can, level is very important.

Flowers: Send it every day, its useful than you can imagine, do not distressed for ingot,get the title and energy, guaranteed profits.
Mascot of Wealth:Use it wisely, ingot spent after a certain number will keep increase

Beauty:Extra ingot can be considered to direct train. Beauty system is the most direct way to quickly increase power combat

Mystery shop: Must buy-Weapons Talisman , other items such as coins, gems, equipment, based on the actual needs.

Mining: Mining sometimes more useful than Mascot of Wealth.

Energy: Buy according to situation, extra energy use for upgrade Beast (Beauty, Beast, Weapon,is the key for combat power)

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