Monday, April 4, 2016

Spirit Master Path of the Chosen Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Spirit Master Path of the Chosen by ZQGame Guide

Rather than attack, a shield is used to protect the party members or use buff skills to reinforce them

Knight who throws away a shield and mainly uses a Two-handed weapon.
Debuff is mainly used to absorb the enemy's strength or weaken the enemy

Strong damage to briefly control the enemy or various statuses of skills to incapacitate the enemy‘: combat capability

Healing skill is used to recover the party member's strength or strong magic is mainly used to control
multiple enemies at once

Battles are turn based with your team and the enemy taking actions one at a time

Tap the skill icons ANY TIME they are ready to use your skills. Long press to see how each skill works.

All monsters have elements. See those colored circles above their heads?

Attack with opposing elements to cause bonus damage!

Fire, Water, Earth are the elements of Adena and arrow indicators will show elemental effectiveness.
Do 20% more/less damage to enemies depending on the element you attack them with.
Light and Dark elements are opposites and are effective against each other.

When attacking an enemy, the green arrow indicates enemy weakness, red for resistance, and yellow for neutral. Pay attention to these arrows and wreak havoc on your opponents!

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