Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spooky Door Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to Play?
If you tap an adjoining room, your Character will move into it.

When your Character reaches the Goal room, you will clear the Stage.
However, the Goal room in this Stage is behind locked door.
You can enter rooms with locked doors, as long as you have obtained a Key of the same color as the Lock.
After picking up the Key, tap the room behind the locked door, and it will open automatically.

Clearing the Stage in the fewest possible steps will earn you or Gold trophy.
As you take further steps, the trophy level will decrease to Silver, and then Bronze.
Your Total Score will be based on the level of trophy earned, and any active score multipliers

Score multipliers will increase as the Stage difficulty increases.
Story Mode Stages, however, all have a Score multiplier of x1.
Clearing a Stage with a Silver or Bronze trophy Will initially earn you a lower Score.
However, you can always retry the Stage at a later date, get the Gold, and increase your totals.
The most conīŦdent of players should always be aiming ‘For Gold trophy victories! ‘

You cannot move into rooms that are not connected.
Tap the arrow in the ‘Floating space to Shift the whole room itself
Be careful, though. Each time you Shift a room, the Room Shift Limit gauge will decrease by 1.
If the Room Shift Limit reaches -1, you will fail the Stage.

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