Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Monster Busters: Link Flash Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How do we connect monsters?
There are two ways to connect monsters:

1. Click on the first monster, click off then draw a line over the monsters of the same color and click on the last monster to link them all. You can connect monsters by moving your mouse up, down, left, right and diagonally. The connected monsters will burst and add some points to your score.
2. You can also click on a monster, hold onto it, move your mouse to the next monster of the same color to connect them and click off only at the point when you reach the last monster.

You need to connect at least 3 same color monsters to make a match. If you connect 5 or more monsters, a Special bomb will be created.

If you see a better match while connecting monster, you can cancel the connection, just by going back to the first monster in the connection or you can also just move your mouse far enough from the connected monsters, then the connection will be automatically cancelled.

How do we choose between the Horizontal and Vertical Bomb while connecting monsters?
A Ringed (Horizontal or Vertical) Bomb is being made if you connect 5 monsters of the same color. You can choose between the Horizontal and Vertical Bombs while connecting monsters, just try going back and forth the 4th and 5th monsters to change the direction of the ring.

Another Ringed Bomb will be made at the place of the 8th monster, you can also choose the bomb you get by going back and forth 7th and 8th monsters,
and if you connect 11 monsters of the same color, you will get a Cross Bomb, having both vertical and horizontal rings.

How do I get golden keys for the next episode?
When you clear the last stage of the episode, you need to get 3 Golden Keys to unlock the ladder to the next episode.
There are several ways to get 3 Keys:

1. One golden key is given every 6 hours.
2. Buy keys at the shop with game coins or cash.
3. Ask friends to send the keys (every friend can give you only one key).

Please, note that the Keys you get from your friends can be stored up to 24 hours only and you need to request new Keys for every new episode.

How do we defeat the Boss monster?
To defeat the Boss monster you need to connect at least 3 monsters to the same color edge of the Boss's home, then the connected monsters will give a damage to the Boss and he will slowly lose his life with every attack you make. Please, note that if you attack the Boss with special bombs, only the bombs of the same color with the edge will hurt the Boss.

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