Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mask Gun Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

You will have 3 different missions to complete, you will get gold for each mission completion.
There will be a 24 hour time limit for those missions, if you can't finish within the said time, you will get another 3 mission.
So you need to finish those 3 missions to maximize your gold income.

It is better to upgrade a single gun at a time. Because buying guns costs diamonds and upgrading cost gold.
You can earn gold by playing deathmatch or team death match, however earning diamond is difficult.
When choosing a gun to buy, make sure that gun is a lot better than your current gun.
For example, if your current gun is MP7 SMG, upgrade it to it's maximum damage and buy guns that have atleast level 8 requirement.

Spin feature in game will give you random rewards such as diamonds, gold, mask, guns etc. However it cost diamonds to use the spin feature.
It is not recommended to spend your diamonds in the spin feature because you may receive gold most of the time which is obtainable by just playing the game.

Armors are expensive, only buy armors if you have a lot of gems because guns are more important than armors.

Armors are nothing if you can hit headshots. Aiming at the head will increase your chance to do a headshot, it may kill a player within a second.
Aiming at the head is difficult than aiming at the body but with practice, doing headshot can give you multikills easily.

Team Deathmatch
Stay at the opposing team's spawning area, you can easily kill them at their spawning area.
When a player spawn, it's default viewing area is in the front of the opposing team spawning area. Use this as your advantage by staying behind at their spawn area. At first they won't see you when they spawn, so kill them as fast as you can.

Friend's Team Deathmatch
You can join an ongoing friend's deathmatch or team deathmatch and you can choose what team you want to join with. Use this as your advantage, play with your friends within the same team and should stay at the enemies spawn area. Assign each player to a specific spawn area so that each player can focus a single spawn area.

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